A reporter asked a woman what it meant to her to be in her 50’s.

Her answer: “to be invisible.”

Yes, frequently women in their midlife are ignored. However, the potential for marketing to these women should be obvious.

With more than 39 million Boomer women in the U.S., how does a company develop a marketing strategy without coming up with ways to appeal to a cohort that’s one of the most affluent in recent history?

I watched an interesting video recently, produced by MartiBarletta.com, titled “Why Boomer Women Are Game-Changers.”

My three biggest takeaways:

  • 72% are in the workforce and have their own money.
  • They become widows at an average age of 60 but enjoy a life expectancy of another 23.42 years.
  • Senior women are researchers; they care about details and how you differentiate from your competitors.

Thus older women possess wisdom, brains, and power!

So what do “today’s mightiest” women want?

That your marketing efforts consider the possibilities open to increase your bottom line when you promote your products and services; that you confirm their existence.